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Health Care Supplements

Our supplements are extracted from the finest natural ingredients, such as herbal plants, ginseng, cordyceps mycelium, and royal jelly. They are manufactured in Korea, Australia, or the USA to ensure the highest quality and safety standards.


We offer a variety of supplements to address a variety of health needs, such as energy boosting, immune system support, weight loss, vision care, bone health, and liver health.

Beauty - Skin Care

With using the latest technologies, we strive to find better ingredients for our skin care products to:  

✓ Increase moisture locking power and bringing radiance on skin

✓ Firming and smooth wrinkles

✓ Stimulate skin absorption and improve self-recovering of skin

✓ Enhance skin’s natural collagen production and strengthen skin’s elasticity

✓ Relief dry and irritated skin



Our principle of
"There is no best, only better".

Since its inception, we have been adhering to the tenet of "Comprehensive · Confidence · Care", through physiotherapy, genetics and life sciences, to provide customers with a full range of skin care, slimming, and health care.

Over the years, we have focused on the field of anti-aging with enthusiasm and professionalism, combined with the traditional wisdom of restoring youth and innovative biotechnology, and committed to investing in innovation, because everyone believes that biotechnology can help humans fight aging and change the world; through continuous adherence to "better ingredients" Integrating global scientific research capabilities, GMP professional creation, and creating a series of the most unique, effective, and differentiated Young Up product physiotherapy and solutions for the "Human Body". The group pays more attention to quality, product safety and environmental protection, because they are the pillars of the group's success.

Design Paper
Test Tubes
Podium in Water

We are excited to announce that DD Mall Limited is now the exclusive agent and distributor of

ASANA360 in the UK.


ASANA360 is a Hong Kong company with a long history as a Korean brand. Since its establishment, ASANA360 has always adhered to the principle of "comprehensiveness, confidence, and care". ASANA360 provides customers with comprehensive health planning schemes for skincare, slimming, health products, beauty, hair therapy, spinal therapy, and medical beauty. ASANA360 is committed to building the "premium health consumption platform" in UK as well.


We will continue to provide quality products and services of ASANA360 in the UK market. We look forward to working with ASANA360 to bring innovative health solutions to more people in the UK.

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